Dinner with a Classic. C. Goldoni "The Liar”

The repertoire of our theater includes an Italian performance! This time, as part of the “Dinner with a Classic” project, guests will be able to travel to Venice with its carnivals, a rave of color, intrigues and real passion.

"Dinner with a Classic. A.P. Chekhov"

Classics, cruise, comedy, cuisine.
A unique, completely new theatrical format.
More than a show, more than a cruise, more than a dinner, this is affordable luxury.


"Les 30 Millions de Gladiator”

Unique theatrical format.
Continuing the traditions of the "Dinner with a Classic" brand, we bring to your attention a French performance!

The performance "Mysterious Woman" based on Oscar Wilde's play "Lady Windermere's Fan”

"Dinner with a Classic" invites you to become part of the elite English society. Newspapers, cigars, small talk in a London living room - behind all this lies a story full of secrets and intrigue.
A story that will break the calm flow of life.

Princess Tyufyakina's necklace musicle

Берегите ваши кошельки, часы и драгоценности… И не волнуйтесь! Если вы будете аплодировать, подпевать и делать то, что вам скажут, то все закончится хорошо, и никто не пострадает! Заинтригованы? 

Holiday in Zamoskvorechye. A.N. Ostrovsky "- July 19, August 16 and 30

The theater project "Dinner with a Classic" never ceases to amaze! In honor of the 200th anniversary of the greatest Russian playwright, the troupe, under the constant guidance of the director and author of the project, Yana Zavyalova, decided to turn to Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky.

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