Flotilla Radisson Royal
365 Days A Year
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10 valuable qualities appreciated by our guests:

Elegant lines, the interior design with panoramic windows, light, unforgettable views of historical sights of Moscow.

Contemporary equipment.
Yachts of the new generation – equipped and designed according to modern international standards; free wi-fi, audio-guide tours with media map route.

Restaurant service.
Cuisine served on board Flotilla Radisson Royal yachts is presented by 2 chefs: International cuisine from our chef – Sergey Maslov and urban cuisine with a personal author's touch from the chef Nikolai Bakunov.

Saloon area of 300 meters, indoor and open deck, a bar, a dance floor, professional media equipment, club lighting.

All year round.
Our yachts have function of ice-breaking; its reinforced hull and powerful keel can easily overcome ice. Climate control in the cabins ensures comfort and safety even in Russian winter.

The ticket price for 2.5-3 hour walk - only 900 rubles; regular shares with gifts, discounts and tastings; a variety of programs and packed tours for groups.

Safety first!
Our yachts according to the highest safety level and are equipped with an alarm system, rafts, personal flotation devices for children and adults, first-aid kits.

Comfort and Convenience.
The location of the pier, a fixed flight schedule, pre-sale tickets on-line at the website www.radisson-cruise.ru, spacious parking

Friendly and quick staff is at your service.
Professionalism of the captains and banquet service staff.

10 events for celebration on board:

Snow-white yacht, beauty-bride, dazzling Moscow, luxury restaurant, incendiary program, impeccable service, generous guests – legends will be composed about your wedding!

Anniversary of the company.
Your co-workers will be thankful for a non- trivial corporate party.

Christmas children party.
Your kids will be bursting with joy!

Birthday party.
Nothing is more pleasant than sharing your success with friends!

Participants are bound to stay until the end of the event.

Respectable views of historical sights of Moscow - the best background to invent and think over new business ideas.

Meeting classmates.
Fell the bright recollections of your graduating party!

First date.
Snow-white yacht, fine cuisine, a smooth flow of the river, the soft glow of candles – nothing can be more romantic!
Meeting his/her parents: you will not be ashamed of your choice.

Flotilla «Radisson
Royal, Moscow»
+7 495 228-55-55
Pier «UKRAINA» Hotel»
Embankment Taras Shevchenko
Metro station Kievskaya.
Pier «Gorky Park»
Gorky Park, Pushkinskaya embankment