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Terms and conditions of service

1. General provisions

1.1. The Radisson Royal Moscow Cruise Line Services (hereinafter - Company, Flotilla, Carrier) is a legal entity officially registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and entered in the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities with the Primary State Registration Number 1037726017020 (Flotilla, LLC).

1.2. The Company is a ship owner that operates passenger ships.

1.3. Main services the Company are: transportation of passengers by inland water transport and provision of public catering services. The Company has all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide the services offered.

1.3.1. Passenger transport services are provided based on the MR-2 series License No. 002096 dated 05/30/2016 and in accordance with Terms and Conditions of Radisson Royal Moscow Cruise Line Services (hereinafter - Terms), developed by the Company on the basis of the inland water transport Code of the Russian Federation, Terms of rendering passenger, baggage, cargo transport services for personal (household) needs on the inland water transport (approved by the Decree of Government of the Russian Federation dated 02/06/2003, No. 72 and Terms of passenger and baggage transport services on the inland water transport (approved by Order of Ministry of transport of Russia dated 05/05/2012, No. 140.

1.3.2. The public catering service is provided in accordance with the Terms for providing public catering services approved by the Decree of Government of the Russian Federation dated 08/15/1997 No. 1036 and the Sanitary and epidemiological rules of SP "Public catering services". The sale of alcoholic beverages is carried out when providing catering services aboard on the basis of the License for retail sale of alcoholic beverages No. 77RPO0011365 dated 01/09/2019 (for on site consumption).

1.4. Carrier's liability for causing harm to the life, health and property of passengers is subject to the AlfaStrakhovanie, JSC insurance in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Details on the Insurer:

Name AlfaStrakhovanie, JSC

Location address / mailing address: 31B Shabolovka Street, Moscow 115162

Phone/Fax: (495) 788-0-999, website: www.alfastrah.ru

1.5. The Company carries out its actual activities at the address of a separate division: Gostinitsa Ukraina Dock, Taras Shevchenko Embankment, Moscow, 121248.

1.6. The Company offers services in the regular recreational walks organization on the basis of concluded contracts on an agreed schedule, and provides ships' premises for organizing events under mixed contracts as well.

1.7. The Company acts as an agent for attracting customers, selling walk tickets and organizing walks on passenger ships, as well as attracting subagents. Agents and subagents sell tickets at official Company's points of sale, in their own points of sale for cash and non-cash payments, as well as in self-service points (terminals) and online using the ticket purchase System based on the Company's website.



2. Purchase and refund policy

2.1. Purchase policy at the Flotilia box offices

2.1.1. You can find Flotilia official box offices at the following addresses: Gostinitsa Ukraina Dock on the Taras Shevchenko Embankment, Gorky Park Dock in Gorky Park on Pushkinskaya Embankment, Evropeiskiy shopping mall on the 2 Kievsky Vokzal Ploshad'.

2.1.2. The ticket prices are approved by the Order of the Director General. You can find price lists indicating the cost of tickets for all salons (classes, types) of ships in all Flotilia box offices.

2.1.3. Employees of the Flotilla sell tickets at the box offices during the established opening hours. Employees of the Flotilla inform potential customers on the cost of tickets, availability of seats for the requested and upcoming walks, as well as, if necessary, provide any other additional information related to the sale of tickets and passenger transportation services. walk seat availability information is displayed on electronic displays installed in the official box offices at the docks.

2.1.4. You can pay by cash in rubles and by bank cards of the following payment systems: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, МИР, Union Pay, JCB in Flotilia box offices. After receiving payment from the Consumer, the Flotilla employee provides the Consumer with a receipt (boarding pass) confirming the payment.

2.2. Online ticket purchase system

2.2.1. Hereafter, Online ticket purchase system (System) refers to an online ticket purchase system that you can find at www.radisson-cruise.ru

2.2.2. Using the Online ticket purchase system, the User (Customer, Consumer) agrees to the text of these ticket purchase Terms. If the User does not agree with any of this document's provisions, the User is advised to stop using this System. Continued use of the System is considered unambiguously as acceptance of the text of these Terms & Conditions.

2.2.3. Documents (e-tickets) confirming the order of the service in the Online ticket purchase system are sent to the Customer's Internet address specified when filling out the necessary online forms of the System, or transferred to the Customer after payment is received.

2.2.4. All personal data specified by the User during registration in the System and during the order process is used exclusively for registration of relevant services sale, as well as for Online ticket purchase system's Customers identification and support. Under no circumstances does the Company disclose or transfer personal data of Users and Customers to third parties, nor does it use them for unauthorized distribution of materials that are not related to orders made by the User.

2.2.5. Currency conversion. The cost of services in the System is indicated in rubles. In this case, the currency of the invoice issued or debited from the Customer's Bank card is always the Russian ruble. For reasons of currency conversion, the payment amount presented to the User when confirming the reservation may not always match the final amount of the confirmed order.

2.2.6. Ticket contents. E-tickets, as well as tickets purchased at box offices and self-service terminals, are not registered, are "to bearer" ones in nature and are boarding passes. The ticket is a letterhead containing the following mandatory details: barcode, the word Ticket, walk date and time, number of persons, purchase date and cost.

2.2.7. All passengers are responsible for the validity of the documents presented when boarding the ship: the inscriptions on the ticket must be legible, all walk details should be written, without any signs of corrections or blurring, with a bar code applied. If the barcode on the ticket is damaged, the last will not be accepted for boarding. A damaged barcode is considered to be one that cannot be read by the scanners intended for this purpose. The presence of mechanical or other damage on the ticket that does not prevent its identification is not a reason for refusing to board. Passengers are responsible for taking care (including from possible copying) of purchased tickets, it is not allowed to copy (reproduce) tickets by any means. The Person is not allowed for boarding in case of presenting a ticket (a copy or photo of the ticket) with a barcode previously read by the scanner.

2.2.8. Liability limitation. The System is a dynamic system whose components can be modified and supplemented at any time, and therefore it is offered for use on an "as-is" basis. The Company is not responsible for the complete or partial failure of the system and its components for any time, the inability of the User to access the system, as well as for any costs, direct or indirect, incurred by the User in connection with this.

2.2.9. The online ticket sales agent is Uniteller.

2.3. Buying tickets for catamarans

2.3.1. Tickets for catamarans are sold directly on the catamaran board before boarding.

2.3.2. Payment is accepted both in cash and using bank cards.

2.3.3. Tickets purchased for a catamaran walk are non-refundable and/or non-exchangeable.

2.4. Refund policy

2.4.1. Refund of unused tickets purchased on the day of the walk or on any other day is made by the Passenger on a personal application at the official Flotilla box offices at the docks at the address: Gostinitsa UkrainaDock on the Taras Shevchenko Embankment, Gorky Park Dock in Gorky Park on Pushkinskaya Embankment in the presence of following documentation: receipt-ticket (if payed in cash), receipt-ticket, slip, bank card, payer's identity card (if payed in cashless payment).

2.4.2. Amount of refund for unused ticket: before the walk start - 100 %, within an hour from the departure – 50 % of the ticket price.

2.4.3. The transfer of funds to the bank card used to pay for the ticket is carried out within the terms established by the Terms of payment systems and issuing banks of bank cards (from 7 to 30 calendar days from the refund registration).

2.4.4. The provisions of this section do not apply to refunds for tickets purchased for a catamaran walk, as well as for unused Gift vouchers (see Terms for handling Gift vouchers of the Radisson Royal Moscow Fleet on the website www.radisson-cruise.ru). A receipt punched for the purchase of a Gift voucher is not a boarding ticket.

3. Other terms

3.1 All offers, prices, and terms of service may be: changed without notice; limited by time, availability, and pre-purchase dates; limited by walk dates, minimum or maximum stay times, weekend and holiday factors, seasonal price fluctuations, waiting lists, and strikes and temporary inactivity of booking systems, and/or subject to other conditions and restrictions.

3.2. The Company reserves the right to make changes or additions to these Terms without prior notice to Consumers. These Terms are available for independent review by the Consumer at any time on the official website and at official box offices. After amendments to these Terms and placing an order, the User agrees to accept these amendments regardless of whether he has read them or not.

3.3. All outside of these Terms regulation is subject to the actual legislation of the Russian Federation, including Terms for the provision of services for the transportation of passengers, baggage, and cargo for personal (household) needs on inland water transport (approved by Decree of Government of the Russian Federation No. 72 of 06.02.2003) and the Rules for transporting passengers and their luggage on inland water transport (approved by Order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation No. 140 of 05/05/2012).


These Terms are binding on all persons on board of the Catamaran Boats (hereinafter referred to as the Catamaran) operated by Flotilia LLC (hereinafter the Company). Non-compliance with the requirements of these Terms entails civil, administrative and other liability in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.1. The Company provides sightseeing services using Catamarans, built by special order and having no analogues in Moscow.
1.2. Catamaran is premises (including the equipment and other property available in it) of a vessel (passenger ship) owned by the Contractor, cruising in the Moscow river basin. In order to prevent accidents with passengers and illegal actions on their part, video surveillance is being conducted in the premises.
1.3. These Terms must be observed in order to preserve the life and health of passengers, crew members and ship personnel. Persons found to be in violation of these Terms and/or committing actions that endanger the safety of navigation or endanger the life or health of any person on the Catamaran, damage property of others or damage the Catamaran, at the discretion of the crew (by decision of the Catamaran's captain), may not be allowed on board or may be isolated in a separate room, landed in the closest port or dock in the direction of travel without compensation for fare and other expenses.
1.4. Persons on board must be mutually polite, observe cleanliness and public order, take care of the equipment, decoration, interior items and serving on the Catamaran, and otherwise, they must compensate for the damage caused.
2.1. The Сompany navigates from 10.50 (time of the first boat walk departure) to 01.05 (time of the last boat walk end) Moscow time on weekdays, weekends and holidays during the navigation period (from April to October). The duration of the route is from 2 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours 40 minutes in accordance with the approved schedule. The cCatamaran carries out a walk on excursion and walking routes: Gostinitsa Ukraina Dock- Kievsky Vokzal Dock - Vorobyovy Gory Dock- TsPKiO im. M. Gorky Dock - Teatr Estrady Dock -  Zaryadye Dock - Novospassky Most Dock and back (the starting and ending point of the route may be TsPKiO im. M. Gorky Dock). The Company reserves the right to change the length of the route and the duration of the walk in connection with weather and other conditions, force majeure circumstances affecting the safety of the walk. The walk may be canceled in the event of force majeure.
2.2. Boarding the cCatamaran is carried out in accordance with the tickets purchased immediately before boarding. The passenger must keep the ticket until the end of the walk and present it at the request of the administration. At the end of the voyage (at the end points of the route), all passengers must immediately leave the cCatamaran after the end of the mooring operations.
2.3. The ticket price is fixed. It does not depend on the time the passenger spent on board, which is limited only by the final destination of the route. 
2.4. The right of free travel is granted to children under 2 years old if the child does not occupy a separate passenger seat. For children aged 3 to 12 years, a carrier can develop child tickets. 
2.5. Children under 14 years old are allowed on board only accompanied by adults. Organized groups of children under 14 years old must be accompanied by caregivers, but not less than one adult for five minors.
2.6. A passenger is entitled to carry hand luggage free of charge (easily portable, without causing any inconvenience to other passengers, things no more than 180 cm long or with a total perimeter length not exceeding 2.6 m and a total weight not exceeding 36 kg). Larger carry-on baggage is not allowed. The safety of hand luggage rests with the passenger. 
2.7. The company does not provide transportation services and luggage storage. 
2.8. Passengers should strictly follow the instructions of the Catamaran's crew.
2.9. Entrance to the Catamaran and descent to the pier is carried out only on a specially installed ladder, through the entrance doors opened by the crew or personnel. Attempts to board the Catamaran or go to the pier until the Catamaran stops completely and the ladder for the departure of passengers are prohibited. It is forbidden to prevent the entry or exit of passengers, as well as the opening or closing of doors and panoramic glazing of the Catamaran at stops, walking along the halt beam (unshielded platform along the body of the Catamaran).
2.10. All cases of people or things falling overboard the Catamaran, the occurrence of smoke or fire, as well as situations that may affect the safety of passengers or the proper condition of the Catamaran, should immediately be reported to the crew members or service personnel.
2.11. People with disabilities who use wheelchairs, unaccompanied visually impaired people, and people with heart diseases are not recommended to take Catamarans for safety reasons.
2.12. Panoramic glazing on the Catamaran opens/closes by the Captain's decision, depending on weather conditions. 
2.11. FORBIDDEN items onboard:
2.11.1. explosive substance, explosive devices and objects stuffed with explosives: all kinds of gunpowder, in any package and in any quantity; live ammunition (including small-caliber); cartridges for gas weapons; hunting capsules (pistons); pyrotechnic means: signal and lighting missiles, signal cartridges, landing checkers, smoke cartridges (checkers), demolition matches, sparklers, railway firecrackers; TNT, dynamite, tolite, ammonal and other explosives; detonator caps, electric detonators, electric igniters, detonating and fireproof cord;
2.11.2. compressed and liquefied gases: gases for domestic use (butane-propane) and other gases;
gas cartridges with nerve and tear filling; 
2.11.3. flammable liquids: acetone; petrol; samples of flammable oil products; methanol; methyl acetate (methyl ether); carbon disulfide; ethers; ethyl cellosol;
2.11.4. flammable solids: substances subject to spontaneous combustion; substances emitting flammable gases in contact with water: potassium, sodium, calcium metal and their alloys, calcium phosphorous; phosphorus white, yellow and red and all other substances belonging to the category of flammable solids;
2.11.5. oxidizing agents and organic peroxides: colloidal nitrocellulose, in granules or flakes, dry or wet, containing less than 25% water or solvent; colloidal nitrocellulose, in pieces, moist, containing less than 25% alcohol; dry or wet nitrocellulose containing less than 30% solvent or 20% water; 
2.11.6. toxic substances;
2.11.7. radioactive materials;
2.11.8. caustic and corrosive substances: strong inorganic acids: hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitrogen;
hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric) acid and other strong acids and corrosive substances;
2.11.9. venomous and poisonous substances: any poisonous potent and toxic substances in liquid or solid state, packed in any container; brucin; nicotine; strychnine; tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol; antifreeze; brake fluid; ethylene glycol; mercury; all hydrocyanic acid salts and cyanide preparations; cyclone, cyanide, arsenic anhydride; other things (objects) that can damage or pollute the passenger salons and cabins of the vessel, harm the life and health of passengers smelling bad, and can also be used as an instrument of attack on passengers and the crew of the vessel;
2.11.10. weapon: pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other firearms, gas, pneumatic weapons, electroshock devices, daggers, stilettos, landing bayonet-knives, including skis and skates without covers (packaging), small garden tools with open sharp details; with the exception of cases and in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
2.11.11. bicycles (except for children) and other vehicles, except for wheelchairs and prams;
2.11.12. any animals and birds, with the exception of guide dogs providing support for the visually impaired and dogs weighing up to three kilograms (dogs weighing up to three kilograms should be on board in containers or carrying bags); passengers transporting animals must carry appropriate veterinary and sanitary documents and be clean;
2.11.13. drinks and food products, with the exception of baby food and drinks intended for children up to 5 years old inclusive; it is allowed to bring drinking water in the summer season during the hot time of the day per 1 bottle (volume not exceeding 0.5 l) per person.
2.12. FORBIDDEN onboard and on the dock facilities territory:
2.12.1. use narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages;
2.12.2. smoke;
2.12.3. have sexual intercourse;
2.12.4. sit and put things on the handrails and rails of the Catamaran, hang over the rails of the decks;
2.12.5. throw garbage and other foreign objects overboard, as well as make natural departures outside the toilet rooms, including overboard;
2.12.6. move on the decks of a Catamaran on bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other vehicles and sports equipment, except for wheelchairs and prams;
2.12.7. inscribe and put up announcements, posters and other products of information or advertising content;
2.12.8. carry out film, video shooting without the crew's permission;
2.12.9. use the territory of the Catamaran and berthing facilities for entrepreneurial and other activities, including trading;
12.12.10. use sound reinforcement (except hearing aids) and listen to audio recordings or audio broadcasts without headphones;
12.12.11. be onboard in dirty, stinking clothes, with luggage, objects that can stain passengers or the premises of the Catamaran;
12.12.12. enter rooms marked with the No Entry, Service Entrance or For Crew and Personnel signs, be in other places where ship's mooring devices and mechanisms are located, turn on or turn off equipment, or mechanisms not intended for use by passengers; use ship rescue equipment for other purposes, remove lifebuoys without necessity; 
12.12.13. damage the Catamaran, its equipment, the decoration and interior;
12.12.14. impede the performance of official duties by crew members and personnel, not to comply with their legal requirements;
12.12.15. bother passengers with offers of sale, exchange, as well as fortune telling, begging;
12.12.16. jump into the water from the side of the Catamaran, as well as push or try to push into the water those who are on the Catamaran;
12.12.17. use pyrotechnic products onboard;
12.12.18. use autonomous light sources on open decks in the dark (lights, lamps, searchlights, flashes of cameras, etc.).

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